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    It’s an obvious observation but one that warrants me saying: VeraVia is a luxury destination about change and focus. Offering an all-inclusive luxury health/fitness and weight loss program (including for Executives and, New Moms) with an innovative approach to health and well-being at the beautiful Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad California. What’s included? Private sedan pick-up to and from the San Diego Airport, beautiful accommodations, three healthy delicious meals and snacks daily, a fully-customized program, one-on-ones: with trainers, a nutritionist, muscle activation therapist, naturopathic doctor, clinical health specialist plus fitness classes daily, clothes laundered, relaxation at the spa and a massage plus all gratuities!

    It’s a destination that takes a layman who is seeking the right tools to “jump-start” a program or who, like me was seeking to get fit and stronger while overcoming physical injuries.

    Since each guest at VeraVia may be doing the program for a different reason the staff works with each guest on an individual basis to customize the program that works best for them.

    Once booked and prior to my arrival I was required to complete a detailed questionnaire about my health, eating and exercise habits, medication and supplementation and much more.  VeraVia’s program is unique as it is a totally customized program based on the information you provide in your questionnaire. In addition, once on-site you spend time with their staff who really takes the time to get to know you along with your abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

    My first morning I had a complete evaluation including blood work  (which is reviewed two days later with Dr. Derek Lawrence), completed the Rockport Fitness Walking Test (which estimates your VO2max from the exerciser’s heart rate response), stability and mobility tests, fitness test and body composition measurement. All of your assessments are re-tested and presented to you in detail in a comprehensive personalized summary along with results, recommendations and work-outs to take home. My second morning after getting a “taste” of the many one-on-ones and sessions that would be available to me I was able to make some changes to my schedule.

    I was impressed with each one of the professional staff that engaged and motivated me beyond what I thought were my limits. These included: a naturopathic doctor, personal trainer, a nutritionist, muscle activation and fitness specialist and behavioral health specialist.  Each of these professionals you meet with on a one-to-one basis throughout your stay.  I found each of them to be so genuine and dedicated in their profession with a true heartfelt interest in me that I felt I had found new friends!

    Your days will busy and structured. My days included: power hikes along the beach each morning (each guest walks at their level as two fitness instructors are with the group) after drinking your morning energy smoothie, an outdoor group Punch and Crunch (that kicked my muscles into high gear), personal training sessions, yoga classes outdoors overlooking a pond, a fun bicycle ride near the beach, weight training class, working out with a medicine ball, nutrition workshops and personal sessions with the nutritionist, group sessions with the clinical psychologist, personal sessions with a MAT specialist (muscle activation therapy), health workshops, grocery store trip and of course, personal spa time along with a fabulous massage.

    Making changes to your program if needed on your second day is not a problem. I wanted more personal training time and MAT sessions while giving up some of the others sessions/programs I had been scheduled for.

    Nutritionally the food was very well presented and quite delicious. The food is organic and so incredibly seasoned and tasty! I did not finish any meal feeling hungry and if a snack was needed in the afternoon all you just had to was ask. We dined on delicious meals that included: taco salad (turkey, avocado, black beans), asparagus soup, garden rice salad (brown rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato, and onions) and even grass-fed beef one evening (portion size about the size of a deck of card which is all we really need) along with lots of fine seasoned vegetables plus desert was included each evening. On our table for us to use and choose with each meal:  chia seeds, flax seeds, high grade salt and pepper, mustard and vinegars should you find you need to enhance the flavors. Breakfasts consisted of egg white omelette, berries and Greek yogurt and quinoa just to name a few.

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    Upon completing the program and my stay was short of the week, I was impressed that I had improved my strength and mobility, found that I could use weights with my limitations, ran on the treadmill for the first time in almost a year and had a wealth of information on nutrition (including great recipes), a work-out plan and even simple isometric exercises to easily incorporate into my daily routine.  I learned that we all should be consuming 50% of our body weight with water each day plus I need to listen to my body for nourishment, not just a call for hunger that is answered with just “fillers”.

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    If you are truly ready to change your routine and focus on your health and fitness this destination addresses just what you are seeking for your body, mind and spirit! There are several packages to meet your needs from 4 nights, 6 nights and extended stays.

    6 night program starts on Sunday – Saturday and 4 nights program is Wednesday to Sunday. WOW Promo! Limited time. 10% off your stay PLUS book 2 weeks or more and receive an additional massage therapy session compliments of us! Check-it out here…  Plus Like this on Facebook and book a minimum 6 night stay and receive a $100 Visa Gift card compliments of us!