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    Mii amo, meaning “life path.” A beautiful intimate destination spa amid the gorgeous red rock mountain of Sedona set in Boynton Canyon!

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    Mii amo and Sedona are beautiful settings to find whatever you are seeking in your life. It is a destination of many journeys and prior to arrival you will set out on one or a combination of journeys while there. Whether  seeking: to discover insight, balance and peace or motivation, re-energize, inner self-discovery, embarking on a new stage of your life or  a  transformation taking place, over-stressed or out of balance…this is a place for exploration.

    Prior to you arrival Mii amo sends each guest a questionnaire to determine your type of Dosha (what are Doshas?) in asking about your hair, frame, weight, appetite, digestion, sleep, type of activity and more. After reviewing this and determining your Dosha they recommend one of five journeys (which is what spa services and classes will work with your Dosha) for you to take at Mii amo or you can just “pick and choose” what spa services and classes speak to you. Offering: Healthy Body in Balance, Rites of Passage Journey, De-stress Mind, Body & Spirit, Spiritual Exploration and Mii amo Master (read about each journey here).

    I headed to Mii amo for a three night journey seeking relaxation and de-stressing as I was recuperating from a knee injury that had left me off course for the last few months.

    Upon exiting the highway you are immediately struck by the beautiful scenery of the red rock mountains and as you head into the canyon it starts to take your breath away.

    I was greeted by a happy and smiling Paul upon arrival and he handed me a beaded necklace made out of juniper and said “yah-na-say” which is Hopi for saying “You are welcome here”. Paul was my “go to person” for anything I needed or requested or had questions about. He gave me a full tour of this beautiful destination and recommended that I take a hike to a/ told me a little about the Vortexes and where Mii sits and why it feels so special to many guests. with his smiling face by Paul, who gave me a beaded necklace made out of juniper and meaning. Crystal Vortex-

    I was in room #514 a lovely 2nd floor casita with two queen beds and a gas fireplace along with a small patio where you can lounge or sit and enjoy the mountain surroundings. Every guest receives a beautiful Mii amo robe to take home with you (leave room in your luggage!), a Mii amo tote bag, water bottle and daily schedule of your pre-booked spa services and “suggested” classes your stay. Mii amo casita

    Once I settled in my first encounter was a delicious lunch at the Mii amo café offering healthy, proportionately controlled choice (which include: fat, calories and carbohydrate counts) that delight both the eye and palate. A large menu of offering turkey, veggie or buffalo burgers, Greek and Caesar salads with shrimp or chicken add-on options, ahi tuna appetizer, sandwich options and even desert options. Espresso, cappuccino and lattes are also included and available all day and evening along with delicious smoothies.

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    After lunch I choose to solo hike the Boynton Canyon Trail to get a feel for what surrounds Mii amo and beside the awesome red rock mountain I had the incredible experience of seeing a baby black bear on my route! This news quickly spread back to Mii amo because I soon encountered many guests’ on the trail now looking for the black bear. You can probably hike almost two hours in one direction to the end of the property and trail.

    I like that each new guest’s schedule includes an orientation and tour which was given by Kelly the Front Desk Manager) who is enthused and ready to show guest’s where all the “happenings” are taking place. Thursday’s include a Wine Tasting at sister Enchantment Resort (a one minute golf-cart ride and always available to guests or a 5 minute walk up the hill) which is a good place to taste some delicious wines you are probably unfamiliar with at the same time meet other guest’s  (this is open to Enchantment guest’s too). I liked that all guest’s arriving on this day are invited to a group dinner in the Mii amo Cafe at the Community Table which is also used for the Tea and Cooking demonstrations) in front of the kitchen and hosted by Kelly.

    My first evening right after dinner I was scheduled for a 90 minute Table Thai massage with Kamrya. Having had Thai massages before I opted for this treatment because I wanted to see how this Thai would compare with the more traditional.  Kamyra was an excellent therapist but felt that much more can be obtained with movement and stretching on the floor with the traditional Thai Massage.

    Friday morning bright and early at 7am I headed to “Sunrise Stretch” with Sherry. I recommend starting your day with this class to warm your muscles up and then headed to the Café for quick a delicious customized “smoothie”. I was initially scheduled for the Fitness Walk but felt ready to try a hike instead and reeve up my engine. Fortunately a few of the guest’s didn’t show so I was able to join the group with our guide John.  Since you hike off-site into a National Park you need to book your hikes when you book your services as only 6 guests at a time plus the guide are allowed in together at one time. We hiked about one and a half hours (about 3.5 miles roundtrip). Most days two or three hikes are available and all hikes are quite moderate as they are designed for guests of all fitness levels. For those of you seeking more challenge private hikes can be arranged with a two hour minimum with use of your spa allowance towards it or as an add-on.

    I was ready for breakfast when I returned and Mii amo Cafe offered everything from egg white omelette, smoked salmon with multi-grain bagel, oatmeal and more. Classes that day included Pilates on the Ball, Get Your Back on Track and Yogalates.

    My journey and path was De-Stressing and lead me to a 90 minute Ayurvedic Facial with Shirodhara (this is a steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead which stimulates the pituitary gland, or “third-eye.” This is one of the most divine therapies, awakening your body’s intuitive knowledge) and followed by a Deep Tissue massage before heading for a late dinner. Dinner is served from 7pm-9pm and they easily accommodate guests arriving late. Dinner choices change every three days and included beef, chicken and salmon or fish. Each course is beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. Also available are cocktails, beers and a select menu of organic and biodynamic wines which were excellent (not included in the rate) or check-out the wine list from Enchantment Resort (just ask your server) which is quite extensive for those wine enthusiasts. You can also order a bottle of wine and request it to be held until the next evening.

    Each evening upon returning to your room the lights are dimmed, your gas fireplace glowing, a Native American card with a profound positive statement along with a little surprise, awaits you.

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    Saturday I again set out hiking solo just outside the gates of the property on to the Mecca Trail. Again you can easily hike by yourself and meditate or just take the time to turn within. Heading back for breakfast and other classes I was ready for another great day. The gym has brand new state-of- the art Matrix equipment, weights and a new Pilate’s reformer. Open from 7am-10pm many guests pop in throughout the day for a work-out.

    I like that room service is available all day for guests. Ready for a glass of fresh squeezed juice first thing in the morning while getting ready for your hike or walk? Guests can request or even pre-request the evening before fresh squeezed juice or a smoothie be delivered to their room.

    Everyone I encountered from the spa desk to the dining staff was ready to accommodate my request. The staff is engaging and seemed genuinely interested in being able to make guests happy to whatever is needed and they want to make it happen.

    Every guest coming to Mii amo seeks out this destination for a different reason and each person’s journey is custom created to make it specially designed for you. My journey at Mii amo was a perfect place at a perfect time for me!

    Check-out more information and packages at Mii amo!