• Start Your Engine!

    Posted on May 13, 2013 by in General

    Start Your Engine! Kick your metabolism into high gear

    I know I will never stop searching for a miracle that will burn calories to meet-even exceed-my continual goals to keep weight off. Let’s be honest,  no one can or will  exercise 24 hours a day or coat every meal in hot peppers or cinnamon. So, what’s the ideal way to help turn your body into a calorie-burning machine? Exercising and building lean muscle mass are a great start, but there are also foods you can eat that studies show might give your internal engine a kick-start.

    Eat Smart: Fuel up for maximum performance
    Complex foods such as whole grains, fiber, proteins and vegetable are slower to digest. Your body works harder to convert these foods into energy and to burn those calories, a process known as metabolism. Studies suggest that other foods and beverages contain properties that can help give your metabolism a boost as well:

    ● lean protein (tofu, bean, lean meats, eggs)
    ● fish rich in Omega-3fatty acids (salmon, tuna, sardines)
    ● low-fat dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese)
    ● berries, citrus (broccoli)
    ● capsaicin-containing foods (hot peppers)
    ● brown rice
    ●cinnamon, ginger
    ● green tea, coffee
    ● water

    Skipping meals (especially breakfast) can actually cause food preservation, which can slow down your metabolism and lead to weight gain in the long run. I try to eat smaller meals (healthy snacks included) throughout the day to help keep blood sugar levels consistent,   improve overall energy and keep your metabolism humming along.

    Mindful Matters
    Eating mindfully is often an underestimated-yet very important-part of your diet. How often have you eaten simply because you were bored, or because there was food in front of you? Try paying attention to your hunger and satiety cues which can make a difference in how you approach food and eating. Don’t eat until you feel stuffed; a good guideline is to eat until you feel about 70% full.