• Blue Pearl Laguna-Peaceful, Delicious Food, Energizing and Challenging Retreat!

    Posted on January 22, 2013 by in General

    The Blue Pearl Laguna, Hiking and Yoga Spa is an intimate retreat nestled amongst trees in the Laguna Canyon with just twelve beautiful bedrooms all with marble bathrooms. Laguna Beach itself is a quaint seaside village full of fabulous art galleries and close to both Los Angeles and San Diego. Easily accessible especially from Orange County Airport.

    This fabulous destination was founded by Geo and Katresha Moskios, two of the worlds most renowned yoga teachers and who bring their passion to the program and to share with their guest’s. Unfortunately they were on a retreat just the week I was at Blue Pearl Laguna but know from working with them and other clients who spent time with them they the most caring and motivating people.

    I won’t’ deny it…this is a boot camp, but what a boot camp it is!  Offering a structured program of vegan meals and rigorous exercise (specifically hiking hills) Geo and Katresha take a deep interest in the well-being and success of each guest. If you buy into the program, you will detox, get physically stronger, return home in much better shape, and lose a good deal of weight but do it in a healthy fashion. I particularly enjoyed hiking with guides Derrick and Conrad, who help you get through the challenging hills.

    The Blue Pearl location is both restful and unique in a good way, the hiking trails are staggeringly beautiful, and the climate is the best in the world. If you’re serious about changing your approach to eating, fitness and your overall attitude towards health this destination is for you. As written by a recent guest: “If you can imagine the seemingly contradictory nature of a new age boot camp run by a Marine, you’ll ‘get’ this place and be proud of yourself for spending the week there…it’s not all boot camp, the food is delicious and healthy, the massages are first-rate, and the hosts and the entire staff from driver/guides/cooks are incredibly nice and supportive but they’re there to work you and not coddle your bad habits. I wish I could have stayed another week.” You will need to cut down on your coffee and sugar before you go!

    Upon arrival on Sunday after as I stepped into the spacious Zen living room I was greeted by the wonderful warm staff. One of the first things the staff does is to weigh you and measure you, so that you can see the results at the end of the week.

    Laundry is taken care of for you. Rooms are simplistic and lovely but no televisions, radios or telephones. Awakened in the morning by a gentle tap on your door, no need for clocks or alarms.

    Offering its guest’s an opportunity for a de-tox and cleansing diet I was unexpectedly pleased how delicious and tasty the food was along with exquisite presentations. A lot of care and thought goes into each meal along with the table and place settings which are different for every meal, with fresh flowers and imaginative arrangements.  Katresha, co-owner and nutritional expert, as well as a yoga teacher discusses the principles of what and why you are eating specific foods, as well as, what would be a healthy diet upon returning home.

    The program is strenuous, but flexible enough to fit personal fitness. I was a strong hiker before going, and the hiking component was an important part of my decision to  experience this destination. The day begins with a Power Yoga, followed by a delicious breakfast and hiking in the beautiful Laguna Hills. Hikes average 9-11 miles and but accommodate the terrain/hikes for some of the guests.

    Afternoons were a delight. Including time in an infrared sauna, a daily fabulous massage followed by time in the outdoor Jacuzzi, a different face mask each day, and then well-earned rest and quiet time. Evening yoga classes were less intense than the morning classes and included time for meditation. One night there was an introduction to Tai Chi.

    Living after my stay I definitely felt lighter, more rejuvenated along with meeting a terrific group of people who supported and motivated each other throughout the week.

    Check it out and see what’s included!