• Affordable New Weight Loss Destination Recently Visited!

    Posted on December 20, 2012 by in General

    Just Spas & Adventures recently visited the newly opened National Institute of Health & Fitness (NIHF) in Midway, UT (about 1 hour from Salt Lake City Airport) offered me the beginning of a change of life experience (more about that later). Led by Dr. Marc Sorenson, his wife Vicki and a team of health professionals, guests in the program achieve can achieve their goals and be educated by focusing on exercise, nutrition and classes.

    This weight loss destination offers a “no nonsense” approach for making life-style changes. According to  guest’s staying for extended stay (and many had been there for a least a week) they experienced a weight loss of four to nine pounds per week. Guest’s on extended stays of four weeks and more also can see health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, increased lung capacity, better flexibility and the ability to stop taking diabetes medications.

    Dr. Sorensen and Vicky bring such dedication and passion to the program and the guest’s that they truly make everyone  feel like family.

    Offering a first-rate nutritional program guided by scientific medical research,a  mostly plant based diet, who would have thought you can enjoy three meals daily and not feel hungry? The food was satisfyingly delicious.  Food portions are generous and enjoyable. Mornings offered delicious smoothies, rice or wheat crepes. Lunch generous portions of  vegetable pita pockets with hummus, burritos with vegetables and rice and delicious soups. Dinner changed each evening and dining on whole wheat pasta, shrimp kebobs and even occasional delicious deserts. Both lunch and dinner always include an open salad bar for guest’s to indulge in as much as they like.

    Guest’s receive three vegan-based meals (with option of occasional protein) daily with availability of more food if hungry. Meals are high carbohydrate, low protein, and low fat. Healthful cooking classes are provided to encourage participants how to live a healthier lifestyle at home.

    The first morning before breakfast each guest has a complete  short fitness evaluation with a cardiovascular test to determine your fitness level and which classes will suit you best. This program can be tailored to fit each guests needs.

    Your day is busy from early morning before breakfast to late afternoon just before dinner. Guests are encouraged to head to the gym for minimum of one hour of circuit training led by one of the fitness instructors. Days were rounded out with hiking, walking and group classes. I participated in yoga, Zumba, Pilates, body contouring and fun water aerobics classes. Additional optional activities include tennis, swimming, weight training, and use of cardio equipment, golf, and scuba diving.

    Educational classes are offered by Dr. Marc Sorenson  on many issues, one of them which were an eye-opener for me was about Vitamin D. Dr. Sorenson author of “Solar Power, and Vitamin D3 for Optimal Health believes Sunlight and Vitamin D” may just save your life. His education classes offered insight and specific studies and I will have had my Vitamin D level tested on next doctor’s visit.

    One of the evenings the group was shown the movie “Forks over Knives”. I highly recommend that you rent this movie from the library or NetFlix. This documentary film offers you a first-hand look at individuals who actually reversed and began to control degenerative diseases.

    Yes, the film advocates whole foods, plant-based (vegan) diet as a means of combating a number of diseases. Animal protein is not necessary, or should be used sparingly as a flavoring and not a main course. So after my stay and return home  how am I doing? I have begun to change my eating habits mainly to include plant-based foods with some animal protein minimally added. The result? I have a lost a few pounds but I physically feel incredibly good!

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    The Sorenson’s founded the National Institute of Fitness at Utah’s Red Mountain Resort in the 1990’s which evolved into the model for successful health and fitness programs. Dr. Sorenson is the author of several books and a regular speaker at various health conferences around the world.

    Located at the Zermatt Resorts in Midway, Utah. Marc and Vicki Sorenson are praised for their success in educating guests on methods to lose weight, and to prevent such maladies as cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, chronic pain, and arthritis, the Sorenson’s offer a time-tested, safe and effective approach. They are known for sharing their philosophy of health and fitness throughout the world with a compassionate and nurturing manner.

    The Sorenson’s have been recognized internationally and domestically by ISPA, SHAPE, Elle, Mademoiselle, Chicago Sun, NY Times, LA Times and more. Praised as one of the country’s most influential health teams, the Sorenson’s now reside at Zermatt Resort & Spa and Homestead Resort.