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    VeraVia is offering a fully integrated and cutting-edge, all-inclusive luxury health destination offering customized individual programs. This promises a comprehensive experience that treats the entire person and creates lasting, positive life changes.

    A fitness and weight loss program includes a highly structured combination of medical and fitness analysis.


    Guests benefit from:
    ●Individual and group daily exercise
    ●Nutritional counseling
    ●Behavioral coaching
    ●Comprehensive naturopathic evaluations
    ●Stress management and lifestyle wellness workshops
    ●Spiritual rejuvenation

    VeraVia’s unique health and wellness program has been carefully designed to ensure guests achieve maximum benefit during their stay and create lasting behavior changes to sustain their results and continued progression at home. A highly structured, yet individualized, program promotes team camaraderie and a community atmosphere while allowing our expert team to closely monitor each guest’s progress.

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    Prior to arrival you will complete a detailed health history questionnaire, lifestyle questionnaire, behavioral and personality assessment and personal goals assessment. During you stay you will meet with in-house naturopathic doctors to review your health history and current symptomology, review lab results plus much more.

    We’ve experienced this highly motivating program that is a hand-on experience and very individualized! PLUS book by December 30th for travel through 2023 and receive a complimentary $150 resort credit for stays for one week or more compliments of Just Spas & Adventures. We’ve been there and done the program so contact us today for more details!

    VeraViaWellnessCoachBlogA highly structured individualized and carefully designed weight loss program to ensure you achieve maximum benefit during your stay, creating lasting behavior changes to sustain results and continued progression at home. This expert team is right there with you to closely monitor  progress.

    Fitness: The fitness team will design a specific fitness plan based on your individual fitness level, including:
    -Non-intimidating activities that are fun
    -Low-impact exercises to minimize risk of injury
    -Which exercises boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories even while you rest
    -How you can get great results in half the time, using proven exercise techniques

    Behavioral Health: The behavioral health team will work with you in group sessions to:
    -Identify and uncover possible origins of your weight issues and what might also be contributing factors that maintain your struggle with your weight
    -Address emotional eating patterns
    -Teach new strategies to more effectively cope with negative emotions without using food for “comfort”
    -Address negative body image issues which further foster poor self-esteem and low self-efficacy and inhibit your ability to achieve success in your weight loss goals
    -Break the vicious and self-deprecating cycle that “dieting” creates

    Nutrition: A nutritionist will teach you how to eat for healthy weight loss without feeling deprived, including:
    -Change your relationship with food and its role in your life
    -Rid yourself of the negative food habits of dieting
    -Understand the metabolic benefits of nutrient dense foods
    -Learn how adding food can lead to losing weight

    Wellness: VeraVia wellness components will keep you feeling motivated and balanced, including:
    -Increase your self-esteem
    -Learn self-motivation techniques
    -Learn to increase awareness of ingrained mental patterns, emotions, and signals from your body to create new, positive mental and physical patterns
    -Mindfulness and mind-body awareness

    Before arrival:

    • Complete health history questionnaire
    • Lifestyle questionnaire (including life balance analysis, fitness, nutrition, stress levels, sleep habits and lifestyle habits)
    • Personal goals assessment
      Prior to arrival a team from VeraVia (nutritionist and fitness team) will contact you via phone

    Upon arrival:

    • Pertinent physical exams (heart, lung, abdominal, nervous system, musculoskeletal, etc.)
    • Vital signs
    • Weight, body composition, body mass index (BMI), body measurements and waist to hip ratio
    • Muscular strength and endurance: push-up, curl-up and squat test
    • Posture alignment
      Welcome Package inclusive of VeraVia pack bag, journal and water bottle.
      Complimentary bag of laundry per week of stay

    Prior to arrival you will complete a health history questionnaire/lifestyle questionnaire.  You will also meet with in-house naturopathic doctor within a group setting.

    What’s Included:

    • Luxury Forbes 5 Star, AAA Diamond Rated private room accommodations (traveling with friend or partner, lower rates available)
    • Access to all resort amenities. (Including: two swimming pools, 6 tennis courts, full award winning 18 hole golf course, Haim Salon, and a 15,000 sq ft Bespoke Spa Facility)
    • Welcome package including: VeraVia journal, VeraVia backpack, VeraVia water bottle
    • Comprehensive pre-arrival health history questionnaire
    • Full Medical Component  (*for Comprehensive clients only)
    • Vital signs
    • Weight, body composition, body mass index (BMI), body measurements and posture alignment
    • Individual Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment- “True Health Evaluation”
    • Comprehensive structured daily exercise program, yoga, guided meditation, and all additional activities
    • Daily educational and motivational presentations and workshops
    • Three organic, farm to table meals per day plus healthy nutritional snacks
    • Group session with Naturopathic Doctor
    • Three organic farm to table meals per day and healthy snacks.
    • Free wi-fi and laundry
    • After-care follow-up coaching

    Group Activities :

    • Daily Group Fitness Classes
    • 2 Hikes per week
    • 3 Yoga Sessions per week
    • Weekly Nutritional Workshops
    • Weekly Behavioral Health Workshops
    • 2Group Guided Meditations per week
    • Foundations of Health Medical Workshop
    • Grocery Store Trip with Director of Nutrition / Food Demo

    Individual Activities: (For 1 Week Foundational or Comprehensive Program): 

    • ComprehensiveBody Composition Assessment and re assessment.
    • Comprehensive Blood Laboratory Tests & Analysis (Comprehensive Stays Only)
    • 1x 50 Minute Naturopathic Doctor Consultation (Comprehensive Stays Only)
    • 2 x 50 Minute Nutrition Consultations
    • 2 x 50 Minute Behavioral Health Consultations
    • 2 x 50 Minute Training for Life Session
    • Personal Spa Time to enjoy in our 15,000 sq foot Bespoke Spa
    • Take home Material
    • 8 Aftercare sessions (Comprehensive) or 6 Aftercare sessions (Foundational) for continued success at home.

    Comprehensive Stay” This stay is ALL INCLUSIVE of all the above: Medical, Fitness, Wellness and Nutritional components, as well as all the organic, farm to table  ​meals ,  extensive aftercare program (8 for each week of stay, and so on.

    For Comprehensive Stays in-house naturopathic doctor will meet with you to review your health history and current symptomatology. He will also explain your lab results, perform pertinent physical examinations, suggest additional lab or imaging studies, and outline your specific health plan.  During your comprehensive, one-on-one consultation he will also investigate other health concerns, make diagnoses, and recommend effective holistic treatments to address your overall health needs and goals. You also receive 8 aftercare follow up coaching with the clinicians per week of stay (via phone or SKYPE).

    Foundational Stay” This stay is ALL INC   LUSIVE of all the above: Fitness, Wellness and Nutritional components, as well as all the organic, farm to table ​meals, extensive aftercare program (6 per each week of stay) and all the one on one consultations you would get in the Comprehensive Program, however it does not have any Medical Component to it.

     Basic Stay”  This stay is ALL INCLUSIVE of all the above: Fitness, Wellness and Nutritional components, as well as all the organic, farm to table ​meals, however there is no aftercare, one on one consultations or Medical Component to this stay. So this is perfect for all the small group activities, workshops etc .

    “Express Reboot” is for you! This stay is ALL INCLUSIVE of the above: Fitness, Wellness, and Nutritional components. All the organic meals are included, as well as, 1 x nutritional consult, 1x behavioral health consult, 1x training session. This is in addition to the daily group activities and room accommodation. This program is a 3 night, 4 day stay.

    VV/Reboot Express stay for a private room-from $3,450+ tax for a private room
    The program specializes in: Fitness and Weight Loss, Nutrition, Behavior and Lifestyle Change, Stress Management, Spiritual Healing and Rejuvenation, & Enhancement of Overall Health and Vitality in a beautiful and luxurious environment.

    What’s a typical day like at VeraVia?

    6 night program starts on Sunday – Saturday plus extended stays available.

    Choose from a 6 night program or a Jump Start with a 3 night program!

    Contact us today for more information or to book this beautiful get-away!


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