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    At Skyterra, the emphasis in  unplugging from everyday life and reconnecting with nature and your own instincts toward wellness. A  program encompasses a rich roster of high- and low-intensity fitness classes, yoga, meditation, enriching talks, stress management coaching, nutrition and culinary workshops, guided hiking, and much more.

    Skyterra has moved and is proud to announce the opening of their new campus in Pisgah Forest. (about 25 miles from Asheville  Airport/Greenville, NC about 1 hr).
    Sunday to Sunday offers a small group focused program! Ready to lose weight, gain muscle and feel better?

    Weekly rates include a full wellness program!

    Ready for a week-long get-away to this east coast wellness retreat? How about a destination that is full of relaxation, delicious food prepared fresh at every meal, lodges that meet your every need and fitness classes to kick start a healthier less stressed you?

    We’ve personally experienced this excellent destination too! Read our BLOG about our visit!

    No matter what your weight loss goals and challenges are, Skyterra Wellness Retreat is your opportunity to make meaningful progress. When life gets in the way of taking care of yourself, this team of caring experts helps you break old cycles, jump-start new healthy habits, and revitalize your lifestyle every step of the way. A holistic, scientifically informed weight loss philosophy teaches you how to lose weight, keep it off, and enjoy yourself in the process.

    If you are desperate to lose weight, it’s tempting to sign up for a quick fix like a boot camp, fitness camp, weight loss camp, or some other place that will force you into strict diets and all-day workouts. You might lose weight while you’re there, but after you leave, you’re on your own again. You deserve to feel better! You deserve Skyterra – a mountain retreat where you can set aside life’s obligations and focus on your own health and well-being.

    Personalized-Classes small so you receive plenty of individual attention. All fitness levels are welcome.

    Sustainable-A holistic view of wellness focuses on managing stress, consistent movement, and eating real, whole foods (plus plenty of nature and adventure) so you can make changes that actually stick.

    At Skyterra, the emphasis in  unplugging from everyday life and reconnecting with nature and your own instincts toward wellness. A  program encompasses a rich roster of high- and low-intensity fitness classes, yoga, meditation, enriching talks, stress management coaching, nutrition and culinary workshops, guided hiking, and much more.

    What’s Included:

    • 7 nights accommodations (private cottage)
    • Roundtrip airport transfers (Asheville or Greenville, NC)
    • Three delicious healthy meals (catered to your dietary needs and preferences) and snacks
    • Fitness screening and assessment
    •  80+ class offerings  each week (stretch, weight training, hiking, yoga, cardio and more),  educational classes,
    • Cooking demo
    • Tax and all service fees

    A typical day at Skyterra starts with a guided trail walk around 7:00 am, followed by breakfast at 8 am. Following breakfast, enjoy an interval cardio class, participate in a circuit fitness session, or join a hike to a nearby waterfall.

    By then, it’s lunchtime! After the mid-day meal, you’ll have another opportunity to take in a lecture, work on mindfulness breathing, or delight in the seasonal offerings of a pool class or paddleboarding. Enjoy some pre-dinner yoga, or learn a few kitchen techniques in a cooking demo and then head back to the culinary center for the last meal of the day.

    After-dinner activities might include off-campus recreational field trips, campfire gatherings, more guided self-improvement sessions, or simple downtime.

    Your culinary experience at Skyterra is designed with two goals in mind:

    • To provide you with delicious, healthy and nutrient-dense meals during your stay
    • To show you how eating well can improve your health

    Nutrition support: Vegetarian? Peanut allergy? Gluten-free? Kosher? Skyterra can accommodate all needs and requests. Type II Diabetes specialists are available. A Registered Dietitians and Culinary Team request your dietary needs well in advance, so you can feel safe in the Culinary Center.

    During your stay, their culinary staff nourishes and pampers, serving you fresh seasonal, local and healthy cuisine. No deprivation. No restriction. Just delicious, structured, balanced meals, where we take care of all the work and you just relax and enjoy the food.

    Meals can be described as New Modern American Fusion. A culinary team designs meals with flavor combinations inspired by cultures from around the world.

    Built into every meal at Skyterra is time to slow down so you can savor every bite without rushing. Eating healthy does not mean restricting or limiting your food

    Everyday eating is not one-size-fits-all. Three times a day, 365 days a year, our chefs serve wholesome, nutritious meals that are beautiful, delicious and satisfying. Skyterra’s signature culinary services include the following every week:

    Looking for massage and spa services? Enhance your stay with a wide range of relaxing and restorative spa services.

    This format, combined with dynamic, personalized attention from our staff members, is the perfect setting to reset, relax, and rebuild. Previous guests have sought assistance for issues including, but not limited to:

    *Limited mobility
    *Needing a “reset” in life
    *Sustainable weight loss
    *Reliance on medications
    *Work and family-related stress management
    *Recovery from a traumatic loss, illness, or life change.

    Please note that the exact schedule varies according to the season and guests’ interests and that every day is slightly different to keep both short-term and long-term guests inspired.

    Fitness classes are held multiple times a day. Every week includes yoga, strength-training, low- and high-intensity cardio, along with hiking and meditation sessions and an array of exciting, one-of-a-kind strength-training classes. Small group size means you’ll always be appropriately challenged, whether you’re a complete newbie or you’ve had a fair amount of fitness education under your belt already.

    • Daily schedule allows freedom of choice and adequate downtime
    • A member of the staff will recommend the schedule that’s right for you

    PLUS once you are at home, through the web portal you’ll have continued access to all of the handouts, notes and other lecture materials. The best part is that you’ll also be able to follow along with original videos straight from the Skyterra team. Strength train, get in some heart-pumping cardio, meditate, or do one of our signature yoga practices right in the comfort of our own home! There’s also a steady stream of cooking demonstrations and recipes from their culinary team available to you!

    RATES  –  Sunday to Sunday
    High season effective February 28, 2021:
    $3,675 one week
    $3,500 per week for two weeks
    $3,325 per week for three weeks or more
    **Traveling with a friend or significant other-lower rates  per person
    +*Skyterra administration fee $150

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