• Skyterra a Top Notch Fitness Retreat-Asheville, NC

    Posted on July 14, 2019 by in General


    I was excited to spend a few days at this fairly new wellness retreat (about 3 years old) as I have sent clients here and they truly LOVED their experience. Skyterra offers a structured and focused small group program.

    This is truly an active adventure destination at Skyterra, a fitness and wellness retreat that is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.

    Small and intimate with up to about 30+ guests each week (we had about half during my visit) with a choice of two types of accommodations: private tiny houses or a stay in a 3-4 bedroom beautiful home with your own private bedroom/en-suite bathroom, farm-to-table cuisine, daily activities and workouts with an incredible supportive and knowledgeable staff.

    Beautiful grounds, hiking trails and their fitness and wellness programs were spot on! I loved that the trainers work with each guest individually based on their fitness level. Your first morning you get an InBody Test to see what you’re made of. This test breaks down your body composition and in turn tracks your progress to staying fit and healthy. Your last day you do an InBody Test again and your results are reviewed and discussed with you to see your improvements.

    A top-notch destination that also offers a program “Freedom From Food” which includes emotional and binge eating education. Many of the guests there were on this program which is for those that want to end yo-yo dieting, feel better in their body and enjoy food again.

    The food was delicious and fulfilling at about 1450 calories per day. Just a sampling of the menu offered eggs any way you’d like daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings included a taco night, ancho sautéed shrimp, pan seared snapper, steak and more. The presentation of each dish was beautiful and appealing, plus I never felt hungry.

    Many of the classes take time to teach you how to breathe deeply which most of us don’t even think of on a daily basis. Every morning after breakfast is a 30-minute stretch or meditation with yoga that sets you up for an active day of beautiful hikes, outdoor circuit, yoga, cardio and strength training.

    Classes and workshops included: aqua water aerobics, sunrise yoga (for early risers) and yoga later in the day too, walks, hikes and the Davidson River Trail, Boundaries (Journaling), Culinary Demo, Picnic or Sunset Hike, Core + Tabata, Self-Compassion and much more. All of the classes I did were focused and yes, some were tougher than others. I enjoyed many of the workshops which covered stress reduction, better sleeping, nutrition and eating healthy.

    The spa which is located in a house and has been transformed into a calming and soothing space that offers incredible massages with their spa therapists. I had the most amazing and best Thai massage I’ve ever had which was called a Yoga Thai. After a few days of hiking and classes, I was definitely “hurting” and needing a good massage. Maggie the therapist worked on my body for 60 minutes and I didn’t want it to end. I floated out of there…but honestly, I can’t wait to return!