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    Perfect for your Girlfriend Get-away! Twice ranked as the best of the world’s destination spas by Travel + Leisure readers, Mii amo Arizona destination spa resort offers personalized all-inclusive journeys of three, four and seven nights…as well as individual treatments for guests of Enchantment Resort. Choose your own journey at this Sedona, Arizona destination spa resort and let the transformation begin.

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    The Five Journeys (packages rates below)

    Healthy Lifestyle
    If you need to get your motivation back, start a new exercise program, eat more nutritiously or perhaps lose a few pounds, this program is for you. Whether you’re at a beginner’s level or very much in tune with your body and its needs, this program will get you to the next level.

    Rejuvenation: An Optimum Aging Approach
    Meet with spa consultants who will advise you on proper nutrition and supplements and exercise routines. They’ll also educate you in the areas of anti-aging skincare and overall body care — in conjunction with daily spa treatments — to move you towards a rejuvenated mind, body and spirit.

    De-stress Mind & Body
    Sometimes you feel like you never have enough time for yourself, or you constantly feel pulled in different directions. Maybe you experience ‘never being quite present’ — like thinking of loved ones when you’re at work, or thinking of everything you have to do when you’re at home. This journey is for you.

    Spiritual Exploration
    Sedona is the perfect place to explore your inner self and create balance and peace. The region offers renowned spiritual advisors plus an abundance of positive energy that flows freely, supported by Vortex-rich surroundings. This journey combines energy work, crystal therapies, Native American rituals and meditations.

    Ayurvedic Balance
    This Ayurvedic journey begins with at least one private 60-minute consultation. Your treatment program includes Shirodhara, Abhyanga and several other Ayurvedic treatments. You’ll bring home tools to continue practicing balance in all areas of your life: diet, exercise and daily routines.

    What’s Included: Luxury spa accommodations at Mii amo; gourmet breakfast, lunch & dinner daily; non-alcoholic beverages; spa services as specified in your 3, 4 or 7 night stay, use of all fitness facilities and scheduled fitness classes; all scheduled lectures and cooking demonstrations; spa pool, lap pool, full, individualized concierge service; access to the facilities and services of Enchantment Resort; a specially designed Mii amo robe to take home; a pool/tote bag Mii amo water/sports bottle, room tax and all gratuities.

    3-Night Program: (Thurs-Sun)
    Include: 2 90-minute, 4 60-minute services (6 spa services)
    From double per person $2,520 – $2,898*
    From single $3,150 – $3,595*

    4-Night Program: (Sun-Thurs)  (8 spa services)
    Includes: 3 90-minute, 5 60-minute services
    From double per person $2,960 – $3,500*
    From single $3,400 – $4,060*

    7 -Night Program: (Sunday to Sunday or Thursday to Thursday)
    Includes: 6 90-minute, 8 60-minute services (14 spa services) 
    From double per person $4,918 – $5,630*
    From single $5,425 – $6,190*

    *Mii amo guest room

    Plus welcome gift upon arrival!

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