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     The Bar Method | Allison McCurdy 
    Allison McCurdy is an avid snow skier, hiker, and “anything cardio” enthusiast, Allison remained mainly outdoors to exercise until she found The Bar Method™ in 2007. The Bar Method™ introduced a whole new level of fitness to her mind and body by not only completely changing her body shape but also her career direction.

    Pilates Based Sculpting Techniques | Norma Shechtman 
    Norma Shechtman is known as the “legend” in the fitness world. Word has it that her “unassuming, caring and educational classes and workshops” keep them coming back for more and more…She has been involved in fitness and education for over 30 years and is well respected in the fitness industry. She holds a double Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Education. She is ACE, AFAA, AEA, NESTA, Pilates, Revmaster certified and master trainer.

    During your week Norma will give you the experience at both Level I and Level II Pilates of a grand playground of tools/toys to use for Pilates movements. By using the tools/toys guests will be able to understand and feel the benefits of Pilates in a unique and fun way.



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