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    Bogo Egnazia
    , south of Bari on Italy’s Adriatic coast, is partnering with Blue Zones to offer a series of science-based wellness retreats focused on longevity – the first such programs world certified by the Blue Zones Institute. The Borgo Egnazia Blue Zone Retreats will focus on evidence-based solutions from the world’s longest-lived people delivered in a practical format that makes healthy living easy and sustainable. Activities include health-conscious meals and cooking classes, movement sessions in the Puglian countryside and innovative workshops. The retreats will be available at Borgo Egnazia four times in 2020: March 16-21, May 4-9, September 7 – 12 and November 9-14.

    Lighted pool in the eveningWHAT IS BLUE ZONES? Sharing lifestyle secrets to longevity.

    BLUE ZONES is an innovative project about longevity and quality of life. It reflects the lifestyle, traditions and the environment of the world’s longest-living people. Scientific research has discovered five regions of the world – called Blue Zones – where people are the healthiest and live longer than average.

    Based on the secrets captured in these rare longevity hotspots, the explorer and journalist Dan Buettner founded the “Blue Zones Project”, with the aim of enabling people to live longer, happier and better lives, learning from the populations of the Blue Zones areas.

    According to the studies conducted in collaboration with other researchers, some common denominators have emerged that are repeated in the lifestyles of these long-living cultures: a routine natural movement throughout the day, a plant-slant diet, close relationships with family and friends, and a strong sense of purpose in life. All these values can help everyone to significantly improve the quality of their lives and ultimately determine its longevity.

    Borgo Egnazia is the first BLUE ZONES certified hospitality partner worldwide.

    The lifestyles of all Blue Zones area residents share nine specific characteristics – called the Power 9 – that lead to people’s well-being and to their longevity.

    Borgo Egnazia has been certified as the first hospitality partner in the world that embraces all these characteristics, which can be found in the harmony with nature and the local people, in the respect of the Puglian traditions, in the values of the Mediterranean culture and in the wholesomeness of the local products. All seasoned with a healthy daily dose of natural movement.

    plates of food on tableAt Borgo Egnazia wellbeing is everywhere. Whether it is a relaxing but powerful walk in the morning sun, a cycle tour dedicated to discovering the natural beauty of the countryside, a glass of wine shared with friends or a delicious meal prepared with freshly-harvested vegetables, here everyone can find their personal well-being at their own pace. In this heart-warming place, nestled amongst millennial-old olive trees, people can spend their precious time, synchronizing with the Puglian rhythm and the welcoming joy of local people.

    A life-changing retreat inspired by the lifestyle and habits of the world’s longest-living people of the Blue Zones areas.

    For a better, healthier and longer life.

    This incredible blend of genuine food habits, natural movement sessions, traditional cooking classes and innovative workshops is available exclusively at Borgo Egnazia, which has been certified as the first hospitality partner in the world that embraces all the lifestyle characteristics of the Blue Zones areas.

    The 6-day program has been designed around the 9 specific characteristics – called the “Power 9” – which are repeated across the lifestyles of the Blue Zones populations and might explain their extraordinary longevity:

    MOVE NATURALLY – The world’s longest-lived people are in environments that nudge them into moving naturally.

    PURPOSE – Waking up in the morning knowing your purpose is worth up to seven years of extra life expectancy.

    DOWN SHIFT – Detox from electronics to check in with the world.

    Stress leads to chronic in inflammation and is associated with every major age-related disease. The world’s longest-lived people have routines that shed stress.

    80% RULE – Start the day with a good breakfast to carry you to lunch. “Hara hachi bu” the Okinawans say this mantra before meals as a reminder to stop eating when 80 percent full.

    PLANT SLANT – The cornerstone of most centenarian diets? Beans. They typically eat meat – mostly pork – only five times per month.

    WINE AT 5 – Toast the sunset or get together with old and new friends for a happy hour.

    Moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers, especially if they share those drinks with friends.

    BELONG – Stay connected with your faith routine. Attending faith-based services four times per month, no matter the denomination, adds up to 14 years of life expectancy.

    LOVED ONES FIRST – Spend time with your family. Centenarians put their families first. They keep aging parents and grandparents nearby, commit to a life partner and invest in their children.

    RIGHT TRIBE – Travel with friends who encourage you to be active on your vacation and seek new experiences. The world’s longest-lived people chose or were born into social circles that support healthy behaviors.

    This retreat takes place in the enchanting frame of Borgo Egnazia only twice a year in 2019 and four times in 2020 to enable participants to activate an attitude of renewal and environment changes, with the aim of significantly improving the quality and duration of their life.

    BLUE ZONES – Longevity Retreat – 5 days / 5 nights

    What’s Included:

    • 5 nights in a single room, full board (based on Blue Zones menu)
    • 1 snack a day
    • 6 movement lessons in the Puglian countryside
    • 5 Blue Zones cooking lessons
    • 10 hours of Blue Zones concept
    • 1 massage of 50 min
    • 2 transfers (from and to airport)
      PLUS ● 4 evening events: cinema, dancing evening with pizzica, juggling show
      Dates 2020:
      March 16 to 21 – 5,140 € per person in a single room
      May 4 to 9 – 6,665 € per person in a single room
      September 7 to 12 – 6,665 € per person in a single room
      November 9 to 14 – 5,140 € per person in a single room
      Contact us today for more information on a better, longer and healthier life!PLUS book by December 31st and receive a $75 complimentary resort credit from Just Spas & Adventures!


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