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    Are you ready for a fresh start and a healthy new way of life? With Barcelona Bootcamp (BB)  you can lose weight or improve your strength and agility. Or both! BB gives you a mission: healthy eating and a lot of exercise, and because you are in one of the most beautiful places in Europe it is also a lot of fun!

    Barcelona Bootcamp is an unbeatable combination of fat-burning fitness and delicious, healthy food, all in our controlled environment in the beautiful beach-side town of Sitges, just outside Barcelona.

    Trainers will provide you with the inspiration and motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals. Barcelona Bootcamp is not just about wellness or mindfulness. Here you will be supported in shredding those pounds with military discipline, and expert nutrition. This program isn’t a cake walk, but your trainers always work within each client’s limits and participants get real results, losing up to 4 kilograms per week on average.

    Barcelona Bootcamp Hiking

    Barcelona Bootcamp Hiking

    1 week – Quick Results – Original 1 week program, lose weight and get fitter in just one week!
    2 weeks – Set it Up – The most popular bootcamp – reset your body and mind during the popular 2 week program.
    3 weeks – Next Level – Looking to take your fitness to the next level? The three week program will be ideal for you.
    4 weeks – The Ultimate Challenge – The ultimate fitness bootcamp holiday, take your mind and body to another level.

    Bowl of soup

    Delicious healthy bowl of soup

    The Barcelona Bootcamp program is specially designed to quickly burn fat and set you on a path to a new you. BB uses proven training methods which starts with the BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) intake on the day you arrive, and a variety of functional training at the villa and around beautiful Sitges, including beach training, hikes in the mountains, and more.

    The training is incredibly versatile, from their experience this keeps participants motivated so they can give 100% each and every session. Every day inspires you and gives you more energy. Since your food is made by a professional chef, it’s delicious, beautifully presented, and catered to your specific calorie intake, so you’ll always feel satisfied.

    In the evening you’ll participate in yoga classes and other team activities. Mornings  take a walk through picturesque Sitges – an ideal warm-up. Your functional training includes: kettlebells, boxing and TRX sessions and you will be on the beach. You can book sessions with a massage therapist on request and for an extra fee (one complimentary session included).

    You will return home lighter and with energy and tools to continue your motivation. BB’s  goal: achieve real results, that you lose those pounds, become fitter, feel stronger and healthy.

    Villa Miret accommodation

    Villa Miret accommodation

    Villa Miret is your home base for both training and accommodation. Choose a single or double room to yourself with your own bathroom in the beautiful villa, which has an infinity pool and lounges, indoor gardens and living spaces.

    You will train in and around the beautiful seaside town of Sitges. The sun shines here 300 days per year so there is ample opportunity for training sessions on the beach, in the mountains, or outdoors at the villa. Your day will be filled with motivation  and fun!

    Nutritionally sound and prepared on site, the menu has been created to maximize your fitness goals without sacrificing taste! We use food to revitalize and complement your training, ensuring you never go hungry. Organic home-grown produce, literally from their own garden, Barcelona Bootcamp can cater to specific food needs (including allergies) and offer both vegan and vegetarian options.

    Yoga tree pose by pool

    Yoga tree pose

    Every day is inspirational and invigorating, with carefully-planned workouts that are both fun and effective.

    Note: training hours are optional. Everyone comes from a different fitness level/background and you do not need to take part in every training hour.

    7:00 –    8:00 Brisk morning walk/hike
    8:30 –    8:45: Breakfast / shake
    9:00 –  10:00: Circuit Blast
    10:00 – 10:15: Break snack
    10:15 – 11:30: TRX workout
    11:30 – 11:45: Break
    11:45 – 12:30: Core workout
    12:45 –   2:00: Lunch
    3:15 –   4:15 Cardio Box
    4:15 –   5:15: Training session
    5:15 –   5:30: Snack
    5:30 –   6:30: Yoga
    7:00 –   8:00: Dinner
    8:00 –   9:00: Optional massage (one session included)

    When your bootcamp is over, BB offers a growing community and follow-up a program with advice, motivation, recipes, diet information and more. You’ll come home energized and motivated by the new you.

    Set near the beach town Sitges, a few minutes from Barcelona BB offers a storybook Mediterranean setting to begin your physical and personal transformation. You’ll stay in a luxury villa with inspiring scenery and one of the best micro-climates in Spain – perfect for spring, fall and winter training.

    What’s Included:
    – Roundtrip transfers to and from the Barcelona El Prat Airport,  as well as, to the various other training areas such as nearby Garraf National Park
    – An initial welcome chat with the chief trainer to identify fitness goals and nutritional needs
    – Basal Metabolic Rate (BMI) assessment
    – Cooking classes, learning proper dieting techniques and strategies
    – 3 evening yoga courses and other team activities
    – 2 mornings beach workout
    – Morning hikes in the picturesque town of Sitges – a great way to warm-up for the day
    – Functional training, kettle-bell training, boxing classes, TRX workouts, beach training circuits
    – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions, an instrumental part of helping you to reach your weight loss and fitness goals, in the long term
    – Double room at the stunning villa featuring a private infinity pool, en-suite bathroom
    – Daily tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are served
    – Special gourmet dinner on the last night of the camp!
    – Healthy beverages such as organic and herbal teas
    – One-on-one consultation with our nutritionist and chief trainer upon check-in
    – One-on-one cognitive therapy session with CBT certified trainer
    – Nutritional seminar where you learn the fundamentals of a healthy diet
    – One complimentary massage session
    – Jacuzzi’s, relaxation areas and swimming pools
    – Excursion to Montserrat

    Villa Miret
    Outdoors Villa Mire

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