• 1st Timer at Biggest Loser-Niagara

    Posted on April 30, 2016 by PeggyJoRich for Hot Deals,Weight Loss - Biggest Loser – Niagara, New York

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    The program was wonderful about allowing guests to focus on themselves and the program. Room attentiveness, meals, water, hot tea and snacks were plentiful. Optional activities were varied and plentiful so no excuses to be interactive and engaged. The setting was ideal for meeting new "real" people and socializing unless one was a turtle or hermit attending this program!

    Trainers were very personable, responsive and attentive. I loved their honesty and motivational practices, and their efforts made the difference to get us moving an engaged.

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    Jill is very responsive and plays an active role for her guests. It was good to know she had experience the program at Biggest Loser Resort - Niagara as I was entering. I was seeking a wellness/motivational woman's retreat, and this was just what I needed. If I had only seen the Biggest Loser Resort all over the materials, I probably would not have scheduled it.

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    I have shared your information with two individuals before completing this survey.

    Other Comments

    The Beaver Hollow Conference Center (BHCC) needs to improve their shuttle transportation and communication about such for airport pick-ups. I was called on Friday night before a Saturday travel/arrival time and "told" I would be waiting at the airport for three hours after my flight landed to have the paid shuttle service get me to the resort. After several phone calls, multiple emails, I was told that was not the case. Yet when I arrived at the Buffalo/Niagara Airport, no one was there to meet me as the revised confirmation email stated from BHCC, and it was only after I phoned the transportation company directly, MASH WECARE, that the driver and I were able to connect. No sign driver arrived at Baggage Claim to find me. I had to find the driver after calling and a big mix-up in transportation. I feel BHCC should have offered to comp that trip.

    I have food allergies, and made this clear when I booked the excursion with my agent. After speaking with other guests in the program, I learned they received a call from BHCC earlier in the week before their scheduled arrival asking if they had any dietary restrictions. I received no such call. Yet, when I checked into the resort on early Sunday afternoon, I documented and made it clear about my food allergies. I was told by the check-in person these restrictions would be reviewed with the nutritionist on Monday morning, and the same front desk person made certain to communicate with the kitchen staff about my dinner needs for Sunday and breakfast for the following day (Monday).

    After breakfast on Monday my name was not called by the nutritionist so, I asked if she had my notations which she did not. My name was misspelled on the roster, and I thought it possible I was confused with another guest. This was not the case - only error, and when I explained my allergies, the nutritionist asked why I did not notify them of these allergies before my visit. I felt she was very put off by this "last minute" information which was not my intent or practice at all. There are some inconsistencies in how guests are brought in - oriented and introduced to the program. It was a very stressful beginning for me with the food allergy concerns and transportation mix up, and I did my best to overlook that and focus on the "retreat" aspect of the week.

    It should have been manged better.