Biggest Loser – Niagara, NY

Who hasn’t heard of the Biggest Loser TV program? Did you know there are several locations to choose from offering a program of health, fitness, nutrition and the tools to take home with you to continue on the path to wellness? Whether you want a structured weight loss program, want to get more fit than you are or want to jump-start a weight loss program this destination is for you! BiggestLoserNiagaraDinner

Nestled on 300-acres with a private lake, The Biggest Loser Resort-Niagara offers a breathtaking western New York destination spa environment where real people make real life-changing transformations…and lose weight in the process.

I recently returned from this week long program good proportionately meals are served along with snacks twice a day, was challenged in various classes each day where I was pushed and prodded by the excellent instructors and trainers, participated in workshops about food, nutrition and had the option for a great massage at the end of the day.

Arriving on a Sunday which is check-in day, I met many guests who there for multiple weeks. Each new guest is given an orientation along with a private meeting with the nutritionist to go over the week’s menu and offering the INFO which weighs you, provides you BMR and BMI along with. This tool offers you great insight into the “stats” on your body (they tell you to keep the “printed info” as you will have another upon departure where they will review you pre vs. post results). Each guest receives a Biggest Loser notebook chock full of information, overview and worksheets for the nutrition workshop, recipes, fitness tools and more.

I was ready to start my active week Monday at 6am with a stretch class or for those unfamiliar with being in a gym, Know Your Gym offers an hour on the equipment and how to use it. Each day you select your breakfast from a choice of several options (which you chose it the day before). Options include scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, fruit, yogurt, almond butter and toast or oatmeal. Lunch and dinner are served with a salad bar available for you to partake in with a choice of delicious salad dressings. The meals were tasty and plentiful! Offering 1500 calories per day and a low-glycemic diet there was more food than I normally would eat but knowing that, I would need it as I would be doing 4-5 hours of activity a day.  Meals are chef-created, delicious and calorie-controlled spa cuisine. Licensed professionals teach you how to approach meal planning and recognize habits such as emotional and intuitive eating. I never felt hungry but guests are given two snacks daily consisting of a choice of: a hard-boiled egg, carrots, celery, hummus or nut butter were just right and offered just when you needed something. (to keep your glycemic index up). Each meal includes plenty of protein (with a combination of the right carbohydrates keeps you fuller longer. Some of menu items were rice burrito with quinoa and cheese, sirloin burger, chicken kebab and yes, a small dessert each evening. No caffeine and of course no alcohol are available. It is definitely recommended to wean yourself off a few days prior to arrival.

After breakfast our group headed to the fitness room for a challenging CORE class where you do different types of core exercise for your abs and back. Following that we headed into the gym for a class of Treading where we were on all of the cardio equipment learning about and doing interval work-outs to get your heart rate high and then bring the intensity down which will burn more calories. After these two classes it is snack time and everyone is ready for something to tie them over until lunch.

Biggest Loser offers several workshops each day and throughout the week: goal setting, facts of weight loss, wellness discussion, motivation, mind/body exercise discussion, meal planning, labels and nutrition claims, stress management and mindful eating. The nutritionist and dietician offer interesting programs with information that you will both learn from and take home so you can begin incorporating and changing your lifestyle.

After lunch it’s time for a workshop so you can digest your food before it’s time for a teambuilding activity. This class has you and your team work together to see which team can complete a particular exercise in the quickest time. This was great fun as you and your teammates move, motivate and push each other while burning lots of calories. Several activities will take place outside each day with most days including a least a daily hike. A beautiful indoor pool allows for water classes and fun games of water volleyball, while one afternoon when it rained the trainers put up a net in the fitness studio for a beach ball fun game of volleyball with group.

Classes will include yoga, Zumba, circuit training, toning, strength circuit, hiking, cardio intervals, spinning and more. No matter what your size or fitness level everyone moves in each class at their own level with the goal to improve and get stronger throughout the week. The trainers are kind, motivating, interested you, offering options for moves that allow everyone to partake in any activity and genuinely want to see you get stronger and fitter.

There’s a small spa available for great massages along with option with professionals for one-on-one with a personal trainer and one-on-one with their excellent nutritionist’s.

Many of the guests bond throughout the week while dining together, sharing stories about what brought them to Biggest Loser, working together as a team and knowing everyone is in this together.

If you are truly looking for a lifestyle change and want to become a healthier you no matter what your fitness level, this destination is for you!
Sample Schedule:
6:00am Stretching Class / Open Gym
7:00am Breakfast (Spinach, Feta and Roasted Pepper Frittata)
8:30am Refreshing Outdoor Hike
11:15am Total Toning Class

12:15pm Lunch (Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Rice)
1:15pm Educational Series: Interactive Cooking Demo with our Executive Chef2:30pm Spinning (a Fun, Non-Impact Cardio Workout)
3:30pm Strength Circuit Training
4:30pm Water Aerobics & Aqua Games
Spa and Relaxation Time


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