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    Weight loss can be a challenge for many people, often because every piece of the health puzzle is not being addressed. By utilizing therapies that address the whole person, weight loss goals can be achieved and maintained, while overall health and vitality are elevated to new heights.

    We’ve experienced this highly motivating and customized program offering you just what you need in your life now. Weight loss, weight gain, executive de-stress, recovering from sports injury and new mom’s programs! Read our review on What’s the Buzz Blog and give us a call!

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    VeraViaWellnessCoachBlogA highly structured individualized and carefully designed weight loss program to ensure you achieve maximum benefit during your stay, creating lasting behavior changes to sustain results and continued progression at home. This expert team is right there with you to closely monitor  progress.

    Fitness: The fitness team will design a specific fitness plan based on your individual fitness level, including:
    -Non-intimidating activities that are fun
    -Low-impact exercises to minimize risk of injury
    -Which exercises boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories even while you rest
    -How you can get great results in half the time, using proven exercise techniques

    Medical: The naturopathic medical team will help you meet your weight loss goal with a multi-faceted approach, including:
    -Proper nutrition, portion control and digestive health
    -Health history including current muscle or joint aches and pains
    -Stress management, quality of sleep and energy levels
    -Emotional and behavioral patterns
    -Past physical and emotional traumas
    -Hormonal function, inflammation and ability to detoxify

    Behavioral Health: The behavioral health team will work with you in both group and individual sessions to:
    -Identify and uncover possible origins of your weight issues and what might also be contributing factors that maintain your struggle with your weight
    -Address emotional eating patterns
    -Teach new strategies to more effectively cope with negative emotions without using food for “comfort”
    -Address negative body image issues which further foster poor self-esteem and low self-efficacy and inhibit your ability to achieve success in your weight loss goals
    -Break the vicious and self-deprecating cycle that “dieting” creates

    Nutrition: A nutritionist will teach you how to eat for healthy weight loss without feeling deprived, including:
    -Change your relationship with food and its role in your life
    -Rid yourself of the negative food habits of dieting
    -Understand the metabolic benefits of nutrient dense foods
    -Learn how adding food can lead to losing weight
    -Rewrite your food portfolio

    Wellness: VeraVia wellness components will keep you feeling motivated and balanced, including:
    -Increase your self-esteem
    -Learn self-motivation techniques
    -Learn to increase awareness of ingrained mental patterns, emotions, and signals from your body to create new, positive mental and physical patterns
    -Mindfulness and mind-body awareness

    Before arrival:

    • Complete health history questionnaire
    • Lifestyle questionnaire (including life balance analysis, fitness, nutrition, stress levels, sleep habits and lifestyle habits)
    • Behavioral and personality assessment
    • Personal goals assessment

    Upon arrival :

    • Blood laboratory tests with medical interpretation (CBC, lipid profile, CMP, HbA1c, Vitamin D3, fasting insulin and thyroid panel) *additional labs are available with longer stays
    • Individual, 90-minute-long consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors
    • Pertinent physical exams (heart, lung, abdominal, nervous system, musculoskeletal, etc.)
    • Vital signs
    • Weight, body composition, body mass index (BMI), body measurements and waist to hip ratio
    • Aerobic test: VT1 Threshold
    • Flexibility and range of motion
    • Neuromuscular assessment (range of motion test, manual muscle test, muscle treatment) with Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)
    • Muscular strength and endurance: push-up, curl-up and squat test
    • Balance: Berg and Romberg balance tests
    • Posture alignment

    Prior to arrival you will complete a health history questionnaire, lifestyle questionnaire, behavioral and personality assessment and personal goals assessment. You will meet with in-house naturopathic doctors to review your health history and current symptomology, review lab results plus much more.

    What’s Included:
    ●Luxury 5-Star Accommodations
    ●Transfer to and from San Diego International Airport and all activities
    ●Welcome Package including VeraVia journal, VeraVia back pack, VeraVia water bottle
    ●Heart Rate Monitor
    ●Individual Comprehensive Medical, Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment- “True Health Evaluation”
    ●Lab analysis and follow-up testing recommendations
    ●Personalized fitness and health plan
    ●Three organic, gourmet meals per day plus healthy nutrition shakes and snacks
    ●Individual consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors
    ●Daily individual sessions with our Nutritionist, Muscle Activation Specialist, Exercise Physiologists, Behavioral Psychologist, and Life Coach
    ●Comprehensive structured daily exercise program, yoga, guided meditation, and all additional activities
    ●Grocery shopping tour
    ●Daily educational and motivational presentations and workshops
    ●Behavioral Modification Workshops
    ●Weekly complimentary massage therapy session
    ●Individually tailored take-home Health and Wellness Plan

    ●PLUS laundry service, free wi-fi and access to full resort amenities
    ●After-care follow-up coaching: “Continued Results Plan” (optional)

    Guests benefit from:
    ●Individual and group daily exercise
    ●Nutritional counseling
    ●Behavioral coaching
    ●Comprehensive naturopathic evaluations
    ●Stress management and lifestyle wellness workshops
    ●Spiritual rejuvenation

    The program specializes in: Fitness and Weight Loss, Nutrition, Behavior and Lifestyle Change, Stress Management, Spiritual Healing and Rejuvenation, & Enhancement of Overall Health and Vitality in a beautiful and luxurious environment.

    What’s a typical day like at VeraVia?

     Great tips for preventing injuries while exercising. 

    One week TrueFit
    : Jump-start to improve your health and fitness
    Rates: $6,600 per person double/ Single $7,400 

    Two weeks TrueResults: Achieve incredible results in a short time
    Rates: $12,800 per person double/ Single $14,200

    Inquire about additional week rates.

    Three weeks TrueHabit: For those looking to establish new healthy habits and be fully established in your mind and body.
    Includes all of “What’s Included” PLUS:
    -Hormone Stress Panel Plus (ASI)
    -Follow-up Blood tests to track improvements made during the program
    -Follow-up individual consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors
    Rates:  $18,600 per person double/ Single $20,800

    Foundational Stay
    is as comprehensive as above package with inclusions except it does not have is the Medical Component (no blood labs or medical doctor consults)
    Rate:  $5,600 + tax per week per double/Single $5,850

    Only have a few days to Jump-Start a program? This VeraVia RebootExpress Program is designed for efficiency for a 4 day/3 night (Thursday to Sunday) option. 

    Get swept away at beautiful Park Hyatt Aviara Spa!

    Plus VeraVia guests have access to preferred golf tee-times and also reduced rates to golf on the lovely Arnold Palmer designed golf course!

    Contact us today for more information or to book this beautiful get-away!


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