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    Are you feeling lethargic, unmotivated, or uninspired by your life? Are you hoping something will come along to help you make a lifestyle change? Ready to MOVE well, EAT well, SLEEP well and have more FUN? The Skylonda Program is your remedy. Clarify your intention and we will guide you to reconnect with the healthiest version of YOU. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Read on…

    Skylonda Lodge launches its award-winning 16 acre, luxurious property re-imagined as a wellness destination retreat center, tucked away in the Redwood Forest between Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. No expense was spared to this historic property. Offering 38 breathtaking guest rooms, a 1000 sq ft fitness center with top of the line equipment, a massage wing, a sparkling saline pool with Jacuzzi and saunas, and an outdoor obstacle course nestled in the redwoods to promote transformation by creating balance and serenity in harmony with nature.

    The Skylonda Program approach to nutrition is based on a regenerative food plan that recommends certain basic dietary directions such as adding more whole foods, maintaining stable blood sugar and avoiding negative energy foods. Skylonda will teach you to rethink dietary choices and their ultimate influence on your health to shield against the damaging effects of modern life.

    Each program includes luxury accommodations, sublime cuisine, energizing group activities, individualized assessments and consultations to determine your customized plan. 

    Skylonda experts will help you restore and improve muscle tone. You will increase your energy, boost your metabolism, improve your libido, shed unhealthy weight, and reduce the effects of aging and at a cellular level.

    Your program includes individualized assessments and consultations to design your fitness plan to achieve your health goals.

    6am                   Yoga on the Deck
    7am                    Breakfast
    8am-noon         Redwood Forest Hike
    12:30pm             Lunch
    1:30pm               Free time
    2:30pm              Interval Training & Obstacle Course Workout
    4:30pm              Restorative Yoga or Massage
    5:30pm              Free time
    6:00pm             Dinner & Cooking Class
    7:30pm              Social Events or Free Time

    A one-of-a-kind obstacle course is built on a stunning secluded path in the Redwood forest. How many opportunities do you have as an adult to get your blood pumping, push yourself to the limit and play outdoors? Forget your standard workout. This course will put the thrill back in your fitness routine.

    A 1000 sq. ft state-of-the-art facility features weights, rowing machines, yoga props and ellipticals. A bright and beautiful yoga room features floor-to-ceiling windows with an energy that emanates peace and inner focus. You will experience a variety of yoga classes with amazing teachers that offer the challenge of endurance, flexibility and strength as well as restoration and rejuvenation.

    The Skylonda Lodge is ideally located in an area rich of local organic farms, providing a diverse array of the freshest ingredients. The chef draws constant inspiration from this local bounty to create delicious and deeply nourishing menus. At Skylonda, they view food as medicine and combine knowledge of herbalism, Chinese medicine, vegetarian and special diets to create effective and balanced menus. Positive nutrition increases productivity, achieves healthy weight loss, extends life expectancy, acts as a proven antidepressant, and enhances well-being of mind and body including how we think and feel.

    Breakfast: Organic continental yogurt, fruit, steel cut oatmeal and veggie frittata

    Snack: Bone Broth with scallions, shredded carrot and daikon

    Lunch: Tempeh Reuben sandwich with Farmhouse Culture sauerkraut and cashew cheese on sprouted rye, roasted potato wedges with smoked paprika, chopped veggie salad in a jar DIY with 3 styles of fresh dressing demo

    Dinner: Grilled chili and garlic rubbed flank steak with grilled onions and arugula, roasted chili relleno with potato and chard and walnut sauce, jicama carrot slaw with lime vinaigrette & fresh mint and cilantro

    Dessert: Chocolate fondue with raw cacao nibs, bananas, nuts, sliced persimmon, pomegranate seeds and strawberry palate cleansers

    Skylonda is passionate about sharing our knowledge of food with you and expanding your definition of nourishment. During your stay, you will experience several cooking classes where their Lead Chef will teach you simple and creative recipes that you can take home with you. Passionate about the culinary arts for over 20 years, our Lead Chef is uniquely suited to walk the talk of the Farm-to-Table movement, uncompromising in her commitment to fresh, local and artisanal cuisine.

    The Skylonda Lodge Program has been developed by experts in Preventative Medicine and Holistic Health and is grounded in cutting-edge science and technology to help you shed unwanted weight and build physical and mental strength.  You will enjoy nutrient rich organic meals, prepared by our chef with local ingredients to deliciously nourish your body. As you move through the program you will make new friends and you will be surprised by the genuine and lasting bonds created as you achieve an elevated 4 perspective on well-being together. 

    Choose from a 4-DAY or 7-Day PROGRAM
    Your stay includes private luxury accommodations, organic chef-prepared meals designed to achieve your healthiest weight, daily guided hikes, fitness and exercise classes including interval training, obstacle course training, yoga and massage. Elective nutritional and health analysis upon check-in and check-out, healthy cooking demonstration, as well as “tool kit” to bring the healthy habits you develop back home.

    A Typical Day at Skylonda Lodge
    6am                   Yoga on the Deck
    7am                   Breakfast
    8am-noon         Redwood Forest Hike
    12:30pm            Lunch
    1:30pm              Free time
    2:30pm              Interval Training & Obstacle Course Workout
    3:30pm              Restorative Yoga or Massage
    5:30pm              Free time
    6:00pm              Dinner & Cooking Class
    7:30pm              Social Events or Free Time

    What’s Included in your 4-Day Program:
    3 nights luxury accommodation
    Individualized assessments and consultations to determine your customized plan
    Daily Farm to Table Organic meals and snacks
    5 Group Yoga Sessions
    Guided Hiking Sessions in our Redwood Forest and nearby overlooking greater Bay Area
    2 Massage Therapy Sessions
    2 Circuit Training including our signature Outdoor Obstacle Course Classes
    1 Cooking class Demonstrations
    1 Personal Health Assessment
    1 Body Composition Analysis
    1 Nutrition & Well-being Consultation
    1 Anti-aging Consultation
    1 Stress and Lifestyle Assessment

    What’s Included Your 7-Day Program Includes
    6 nights luxury accommodation
    Daily Farm to Table Organic meals and snacks
    Group Yoga Sessions
    7 Guided Hiking Sessions in the Redwood Forrest
    5 Expert lectures on Healthy Living and Stress Management
    5 Massage Therapy Sessions
    Circuit Training including our signature Outdoor Obstacle Course Classes
    3 Cooking class Demonstrations
    1 Personal Health Assessment
    1 Body Composition Analysis
    1 Nutrition & Well-being Consultation
    1 Anti-aging Consultation
    1 Stress and Lifestyle Assessment
    Daily supply of alkaline water, herbal teas and detox supplements
    Complimentary access to the relaxation areas such as sauna, saline pool, hot tub, fitness room, labyrinth, and outdoor meditation spots.

    Skylonda Lodge offers both single and double private rooms in the main lodge as well as unique treehouses surrounded by Redwood canopy. All rooms are invitingly outfitted to create a soothing and restful retreat for your stay.

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