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    Weight Loss and Living Well Retreat

    You’ll learn and experience Mindful Eating, in order to help you better understand why you choose to eat along with guided training and nutritional support. Regain your balance and achieve your personal weight loss goals among the stunning red rocks of Red Mountain Resort.


    Personal weight loss is a challenge that requires support and guidance in a comfortable, nurturing environment. This is why this Weight Loss & Living Well Retreat is highly individualized and customized to meet your needs. The retreat provides mental, emotional, physical and nutritional guidance from our experienced team of wellness and fitness specialists.

    What to Expect:
    *Monday: Orientation Lunch with Brad Crump, DC
    *Personal Training Session #1- Discuss your personal fitness goals and how you can continue them at home
    *Personal Training Session #2 – Take what you learned in the first session, and try out some new moves
    *Resting Energy Expenditure Analysis. Do not eat or drink 8 hours prior to your assessment. Will be scheduled early in the morning
    *Cardiovascular Metabolic Assessment – on to a treadmill for your assessment. Wear your workout clothes and shoes. Do not eat or drink 8 hours before. No excessive moving around.
    *In Charge, Not in Control – discuss the habits that will lead to your success
    *Personal Nutrition Consultation – this time is for you to discuss your concerns and helping you optimize your weight loss, without compromising wellness
    *Cardiovascular Workshop – Workout attire and shoes again, for a workout to show you how to use your heart rate monitor and reach your new target heart zones
    *Mindful Dining – Improve your own mindfulness each day as we guide you through this lunch, to make the experience as satiating as the food

    What’s Included:
    * Seven nights accommodations
    *Three healthy and nutritious meals each day
    *Daily Guided Hiking, Fitness Classes, just like in the Essential Retreat
    *Metabolic profile assessment & Resting energy expenditure analysis
    *Personal Nutrition consultation
    *Personal training session
    *Personal training starter kit
    *Take-home supplements & heart rate monitor
    *Informative Group Workshops
    *Cooking Demonstration
    *Mindful Luncheon
    *Closing Ceremony Wrap-up

    Rates: $1,820 per person double shared / single $2,170 plus $25 daily per person resort fee (inclusive of gratuities excludes spa gratuities) and 11.6% tax

    2016 Dates:

    April 10-17 / April 17-24 / May 1-8 / May 8-15 / May 15-22
    June 5-12 / June 12-19 / June 19-26 / July 10-17 / Jul 24-31 / July 31-August 7
    August 7-14 / August 14-21 / August 21-28 / September 11-18 / September 18-25
    September 25-October 2 / October 2-9 / October 9-16 / October 16-23
    November 6-13 / November 13-20 / December 4-11 / December 11-18

    Detox Add-On Package: Add the Detox Add-on package to your Weight Loss & Well Being Retreat for only $450.

    The detox program is an anti-inflammatory protocol, eliminating specific foods for the week here as well as for three weeks at home.  The purpose of eliminating specific foods is to reduce inflammation as well as to identify foods that may be contributing to both health issues as well as weight gain.  Inflammation as you may know, is being looked as a chief underlying cause of most chronic illnesses and also plays a role in blood sugar dysfunction, insulin resistance, all leading to weight gain.

    In addition to specific foods being eliminated, we also make daily detox smoothies, used between meals that support the process of detoxification within the gut, liver and kidneys.  The smoothies contain a medical food, which contains know nutrients essential for metabolic detoxification, specifically in the liver.

    The add-on package also includes a Lymphatic Drainage treatment as well as an Acupuncture treatment, both to support the process of detoxification.

    You will also take home enough medical food to complete the program at home.
    Note: Guests need to be part of the Weight Loss and Live Well to add the Detox on at $450.00.

    Stay more than one week and receive a discount for additional weeks!
    PLUS Welcome Gifts upon arrival compliments of us!



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